Balloon modelling

Fantastic balloon modelling

Balloon modelling makes great children’s entertainment and is popular at corporate and charity events as well as children’s parties.

Balloon images

Watch your children being entertained as colourful balloons are twisted into surprising delights – Pirate swords & parrots for the boys, fairy wands & flower wrist bands for the girls as well as the puppy dogs, giraffes, monkeys and bears. . . to name just a few

We can also dress up your party with the theamed animals or cartoon characters or make a great table design.  

pg 87 BqtIf you have a colour scheme or just a few colourspg 45 60 Bqt

41269-41271@ F&B G   41273-41280@ F&B JR    41306-41309@ F&B JP   41294-41296@ F&B JM   41298-41300@ F&B JL   50068@ F&B 9SHS   41282-41284@ F&B JB   41286-41288@ F&B JG

 Stars are great in table or floor decorations.

36711@ 5 W-WB BPD  27051@ W-P BH    37052@ W-LG Big Stars     25337@ B-NV Z     30717@ K-REB SF      31024@ W-R SD&C     47678@ W-PV D&B copy    50856@ O 6   47675@ W-Y BSS

Spots, hearts, stars, animal prints, smiley face, squirley, flowers and butterflies and birthday numbers and happy birthday. You can choose all the designs in all the colours.